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Rotary Drum Dynamic Message Signs

Rotary drum dynamic message signs are ideal for applications requiring a finite set of changeable messages. We will help you design the messaging and configuration that meets your specific project requirements and your agency’s needs.

Extremely Low Power Draw

Since the sign is only drawing power when the message is being changed, rotary drum signs have an extremely low total ownership cost.

Skyline Products Rotary Drum Sign

Full Color, Custom Graphics

Our in-house team is ready to help you design a message system that is easy for motorists to comprehend, and offer unparalleled legibility in both daytime and nightime conditions.

Skyline Products Rotary Drum Sign

Full Compliance

Rotary drum signs are fully compliant with NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD standards.

Skyline Products Rotary Drum Sign

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