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A Truly Superior Solution

From unmatched brightness control to superior energy efficiency, we strive every day to build the country’s best price signs.


LED Price Signs

Our LED solutions are engineered to the most extreme standards – providing you with the industry’s most durable most legible price sign.

  • 8”-86” Price Signs Digit Size
  • Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White LEDs
  • Cash / Credit
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Scroll Price Signs

Whether city ordinances prevent you from using LED signs or you’re working on a limited budget and need a long-lasting, economical solution, we offer the industry’s only true electronic scroll solution.

  • 10”-91” Price Signs Digit Size
  • White on Black, White on Red, White on Green, White on Blue, plus made-to-order color options
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LED Pump Top Signs

Our LED Pump Top signs provide a convenient way to display up-to-the minute fuel pricing right at the pump or at the register.

  • 4.5″ and 9″ Digit Size
  • Configurable for up to 6 commodities
  • Available in red or green LEDs
  • Fully compatible with most POS systems and integrates with your current signage system.
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Cash / Credit Signs

Many fuel retailers offer a discounted price for cash customers. Cash / credit signs make it easy to switch between two difference prices at standard intervals.

  • 8”-86” Price Signs Digit Size
  • Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White LEDs
  • Rotate between two prices for a single commodity
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Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are a cost-efficient way to display up-to-the-minute gas prices inside your store.

  • Available in 9” digits with red or green LEDs
  • Configurable as single or double sided
  • Easily integrates with most POS systems. 
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Quality Matters

Our goal is to build the highest quality signage systems in the country – ensuring maximum return on investment and the lowest TCO possible.

Legible. Reliable.

In today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive world of fuel retailing, price sign legibility and reliability are critical to your business. Skyline has invested years in design research and engineering, developing sign features that make our signs the most legible and most reliable in the country – ensuring your customers can always read your pricing, no matter the lighting condition.

Superior Solutions with Low TCO

Sometimes the lowest priced solution comes with an expensive maintenance price tag. Skyline utilizes the industry’s highest quality components, incorporates superior engineering, and adheres to strict manufacturing practices to create signs that will stand the test of time. In fact, we have signs that have been operating continuously for more than twenty years.

Extreme Durability

Fuel stations and convenience stores are extremely harsh and corrosive environments. Skyline has engineered our signs to the most extreme standards – incorporating government-grade specifications and military-grade materials – to provide the industry’s most durable signs that can last up to 20 years.

Standard and Custom Options

We have plenty of “off-the-shelf” solutions that fit perfectly into a variety of applications. For uncommon, custom, and specialty projects, we’re happy to work with you to create a unique solution crafted specifically for your project needs.

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Integration Parters

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Special Financing

We’re making it easier than ever to purchase new Skyline Price Signs with funding from our preferred lender, Ascentium Capital. You’ll get a credit decision in as little as a few hours, making the ordering process easy and fast.

Finance the purchase of the entire sign, including the price digits, the cabinet, and installation.

Stand out from the competition with price signs that are Designed to be Bold, Engineered to Last.

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