Designed to be bold. Engineered to last.

About Us

Creating the industry’s premium electronic signage solution for more than 40 years.

Our Story

Driving the industry forward for more than 40 years.

How we got here.

Founded in 1970, Skyline Products has designed and manufactured sign solutions for the transportation and petroleum industries for more than 40 years. We continuously partner with the nation’s leading fuel retailers and transportation agencies to create premier sign solutions that are Designed to be Bold, Engineered to Last. 

In the petroleum industry, we are the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic sign solutions and pioneers of PriceAdvantage, our fuel price management and execution software subsidiary.

In the transportation industry, we build and engineer ITS-grade dynamic message signs (DMS) and central control software for many transportation management applications throughout North America.

Our dedicated team of employees is committed to providing customers the highest quality product available. Skyline is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified – meeting the industry’s most demanding quality management requirements.

All of our solutions are designed to deliver the lowest possible ownership cost, highest return on investment, and accurate and legible messaging.

Our Industry Firsts

Electronic Gas Price Signs

  • Price change confirmation feedback
  • Full feedback handheld
  • 15-segment font
  • Patented LED hoods
  • Developed scroll signs in the mid 1980’s

Transportation Systems

  • LED standoffs & pixel alignment device
  • KYNAR coated aluminum mask over a polycarbonate glazing face
  • Surge and airflow feedback
  • True message display verification
  • Long life filter
  • Embedded LUS signals with Amber LED DMS
  • NTCIP compliant rotary drum and scrolling film DMS

Recent Commercial Customers

Recent Transportation Customers