Designed to be bold. Engineered to last.


Clean. Classic. Energy Efficient.

Superior Legibility

Full-bodied digits and high contrast color help scroll signs achieve an unrivaled level of legibility. Additionally, patented feedback and diagnostic capabilities ensure the right price is showing at all times.

Unmatched Reliability

With a simple, robust design, scroll signs contain very few points of failure and have been known to last for more than 20 years.


Numeral Sizes
Available sizes range from 10″ to 91″ tall.

Custom Colors
Match your brand image with any high contrast color combination

Lighting Options
Meet restrictive regulations with front-lit, back-lit, or unlit configurations

Find a Local Sign Installer
Do you need a local sign company to help install your new Skyline sign? We’ve built a nationwide network of exceptional sign companies to help serve you during the installation process. Use our list to find a Skyline Partner in your area!

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Resilient in all Weather Conditions

Skyline scroll signs currently operate in all 50 states including Alaska, and are designed to run smoothly in all weather extremes.

Cold Weather

Scroll signs are tested to -40 °C and can withstand high winds and a variety of precipitation types.

Hot Weather

Tested to operate in temperatures up to 74 °C, LED back-lit scroll signs include an efficient, fanless, ventilation system

Harsh Roadside Conditions

Because of their robust and simple design, scroll signs will last for decades even in the harshest roadside environments.

Control and Diagnostics

Our control and diagnostic options ensure proper sign function and rapid response to any critical issues, should they arise.

PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics

Included at no charge, PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics allows Skyline customers to (from the store or from headquarters):

  • Quickly view a complete list of signs and their health status
  • Detect if sign components are near end-of-life

Plus, customers can purchase additional software components that allow them to receive email and text alerts if signs fail and even manage signs from a mobile device!

Control and Communication

We have a variety of control and communication options for any store and sign setup.

  • Plug-in at base, hardwire, short range or long range radio, or telephone/cell phone modem
  • Includes industry-first Full Feedback Handheld
  • POS interfaces for Allied Electronics, Excentus, Fiscal Systems, Gilbarco, NCR Radiant Systems, Retalix, Verifone, and others

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Download a product-specific information sheet.

Scroll Price Signs

Provides a classic branded appearance with unmatched energy efficiency.

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LED Price Signs

Maximum legibility. Enhanced feedback and diagnostics. Best in class fuel pricing.

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Pump Top Signs

Pricing at the pump with innovative communication technology.

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Retrofit Kits

Easily upgrade the price digits in an existing sign cabinet.

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