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Case Study



See How DIA Transformed Their Parking Signage System

Serving more than 50 million passengers per year, Denver International Airport is the fifth-business airport in the United States and the 15th busiest in the world. Known for its extensive collection of world-renowned art, DIA is a popular air travel hub that serves destinations throughout the world.

With such a large number of travelers flowing through the airport each day, a smooth-running parking operation is critically important. Over time, the existing DIA signs and software systems managing its traffic flow started to display a number of critical shortcomings.


An Aging Signage System

Over time, the existing signage system had become plagued by frequent malfunctions and inoperable signs.

Technically Obsolete Hardware

The existing signs had become technically obsolete, making maintenance inefficient and procurement nearly impossible.

No Flexibility

The current static mount signs offered no flexibility in its messaging and no adaptability to changing circumstances. 

No Diagnostic Data

Each message was verified visually, and diagnosing a failed sign had to be done at the sign itself.

DIA’s overall strategic plan calls for a “finely-tuned facility, providing a well-choreographed and seamless journey for airlines and passengers.” Recognizing that the customer’s “journey” starts when they arrive at the airport to park, DIA made the decision to overhaul its existing parking management system to foster an experience that was both seamless and efficient for its customers.


Custom Engineering

By using Skyline’s design-build process, DIA and its partners had the freedom to tightly specify unique needs and requirements for the project. 

Engineered to Endure

Skyline utilizes only the highest quality manufacturing components and processes, ensuring that the new highly-legible, full-color signs withstand the harshest conditions and operate reliably for years. 

Partners In Success

Skyline partnered with Denver-based electrical contractor, LEI Companies, to meet an extremely aggressive timetable.

Software Provides Control and Confidence

Since no existing software solutions met their specific requirements, Skyline developed a custom module for EnvoyDMS.

Feedback and Diagnostics

Skyline’s EnvoyDMS software module provides robust feedback capabilities to DIA – giving staff the confidence that messages sent to the signs are posted accurately.