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Full Color LED Dynamic Message Signs

Full color dynamic message signs are perfect for displaying advanced MUTCD graphics, which increases retention and comprehension speed for motorists.

  • Skyline Products was the first DMS manufacturer to produce a full color sign that includes a 20mm pixel pitch with an aluminum mask
  • Kynar 500® coated aluminum mask over GE Lexan™ XL102UV polycarbonate glazing provides superior contrast ratios and clarity
  • Available for Walk-in, Front Access Large Lift-face, and Front Access SlimLine Lift-face
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Amber LED Dynamic Message Signs

Communicate effectively with the industry’s most reliable and most legible dynamic message signs. Our LED DMS are ideal for freeway, tollway, event management, incident management, and travel time applications.

  • Walk in and front access housings
  • 6” to 18” character heights depending on project needs
  • NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD compliant
  • Available for Walk-in, Front Access Large Lift-face, and Front Access SlimLine Lift-face
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Multi-sign Systems

Our multi-sign systems are a streamlined solution for projects that require multiple signs running in the same area. Allowing customers to control up to 8 dynamic message signs from a single unit, the Skyline Products multi-sign controller truly is the best in the industry.

  • Reduces the number of system components that must be stored in the cabinet allowing for fewer points of failure and increasing usable space in the cabinet
  • Compatible with all Skyline Products dynamic message signs
  • Each sign is individually IP addressable
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Variable Speed Limit

Variable speed limit signs are available in LED and scrolling film configurations, and are designed to allow speed limits to be changed in real time should weather or other road conditions call for it.

  • Lift-face access housing
  • Operating temperature range between -40 C° and 75 C°
  • Integrates with solar power and radar
  • NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD compliant
Learn About VSL Signs

Rotary Drum

Rotary drum signs offer an extremely low maintenance solution for applications that require a finite set of changeable messages. Our team will help you design messaging for the total system that meets a specific project need.

  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Simple, rugged design
  • Highly reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD compliant
Learn About Rotary Drum Signs

Scrolling Film

Scrolling film signs also offer a low maintenance solution to projects that call for a finite set of changeable messages – and a near-infinite number of message possibilities.

  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Highly reliable and virtually maintenance free
  • Clean appearance provides exceptional readability
  • Internally lit signs available as an option
  • NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD compliant
Learn About Scroll Signs

Quality Matters

Our goal is to build the highest quality, ITS-Grade signage systems in the country – ensuring maximum return on investment and the lowest TCO possible.

Legible. Reliable.

When communicating critical information to motorists traveling in a variety of conditions, sign legibility and reliability are critical to the overall safety of the public. Skyline has invested years in design research and engineering to create the industry’s most legible message signs – allowing motorists to instantly and easily read and comprehend important alerts on the road.

Ruggedly Durable

Harsh, corrosive roadside environments can destroy dynamic message signs. Skyline has engineered our signs to the most extreme standards – incorporating government-grade specifications and military-grade materials – to provide the industry’s most durable signs that can last up to 20 years.

Superior Solutions with Low TCO

Sometimes the lowest priced ITS solution comes with an expensive maintenance price tag. Skyline utilizes the industry’s highest quality components, incorporates superior engineering, and adheres to strict manufacturing practices to create a sign that will stand the test of time. In fact, we have signs that have been operating continuously for more than twenty years.

Optimized for Your Specific Project

Skyline Products was one of the first companies to manufacture transportation information systems for the U.S. market. Today, much of the industry adopted innovations created and patented by Skyline. Let our team of industry experts assist you with scoping your specific DMS project requirements to design a solution that meets your unique needs. Our collaborative approach will ensure you purchase the right solution – not just a standard solution.  

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