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Fuel Pricing Strategy

PriceAdvantage Releases New API – Providing Fuel Retailers Access to Vast Amounts of Data to Optimize Fuel Prices and Analyze Fuel Sales

PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products, is a patented software solution that helps retailers optimize and manage fuel prices, then automatically executes price changes to the POS, pumps, and price signs. Today, PriceAdvantage announced the release of a new API. The API provides PriceAdvantage customers with an alternative route for […]

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How Rutter’s Utilitized Skyline Signs and PriceAdvantage Software to Optimize and Automate Fuel Pricing During the 2020 Pandemic

Skyline Products and PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline products, released a new case study demonstrating how Rutter’s, a convenience store chain operating 78 stores throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, embraced technology to optimize fuel prices and streamline the price change execution process. During the 2020 pandemic, Rutter’s, like all […]

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