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July 14, 2014

Skyline Products’ ATDM Systems Make Control Simpler

Versatile Signs and Central Control Software Take Traffic Management to the Next Level

Colorado Springs, Colo., July 14, 2014 – Skyline Products, drawing upon its more than 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for safe highway notifications, is making traffic management simpler to control with their Active Traffic Demand Management (ATDM) systems. ATDM is the dynamic management, control, and influence of travel demand, traffic demand, and traffic flow of transportation facilities. Within ATDM are three strategies, Active Traffic Management (ATM), Active Demand Management (ADM), and Active Parking Management (APM). Skyline Products has been offering ATDM systems including lane control, variable tolling, travel time, variable speed limit, and parking signage for many years.

Skyline Products’ offers numerous full color and amber DMS solutions that fit into the ATDM system, including travel time, active tolling, lane use, arterial, and multi-lane DMS. All of these DMS solutions feature Skyline’s industry-first True Message Display Feedback which gives ITS agencies the assurance that their signs are displaying the correct message at the most critical time. Secondly, Skyline Products signs have been thoroughly tested to withstand harsh weather conditions to prolong the life of the sign. And lastly, with Skyline Products’ Full Color DMS offering, ITS agencies can display high resolution color graphics in order to convey messages quickly and efficiently through the use of recognizable symbols.

Chip Stadjuhar, President and CEO of Skyline Products, Inc., said “Skyline Products’ ATDM signage and central control software help fill the need of our ITS customers looking to better manage their traffic through enhanced communications, including full color graphics offered with our full color LED DMS. We know that whether the need is for ATM, ADM, or APM Skyline Products is the best in class industry solution with the highest return on investment (ROI). Skyline Products’ signs and central control software provide a higher, more advanced level of control, which creates safer and more efficient travel scenarios.”

Skyline has been manufacturing ITS-Grade® DMS since 1971 and ITS-Grade LED DMS since 1994. With over 2,600 ITS-Grade LED DMS installed across North America, Skyline is an industry leader and considered to produce the most legible and reliable LED DMS in the industry. Products include LED DMS, Rotary Drum CMS, Scrolling Film CMS, and EnvoyDMS Central Control Software. Skyline’s LED DMS are available in amber and full color with both Walk-in and Lift-face configurations. The central control software, EnvoyDMS, is an extremely robust, easy-to-use, NTCIP-compliant sign control software solution, compatible with all DMS.