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February 3, 2014

City of Tallahassee Installs Skyline Products’ Walk-In DMS on I-10

Colorado Springs, Colo., February 3, 2014 – Skyline Products announced today that they have provided 8 Walk-In Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) for the I-10 freeway near Tallahassee as part of the City of Tallahassee Regional Transportation Management Center and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project. Skyline is working jointly with Florida DOT, City of Tallahassee, and World Fiber Technologies to install these new signs which will provide Florida DOT more control over traffic management.

Skyline’s Walk-In DMS are the most reliable, lowest maintenance, and longest life DMS in the industry. Walk-In DMS provide an extra layer of convenience for a DOT, enabling easy upgrades and maintenance without the added hassle of road and lane closures. With the side entry door workers are able to access the DMS at any time without delay, providing a more efficient and safer method for maintenance. Additionally, Skyline DMS have true character height making signs more legible from a distance of 1200 feet. And Skyline’s industry exclusive full feedback technology assures traffic control operators that signs are displaying correct messages at all times.

“The Walk-In DMS are a critical component of our ITS deployment and are very happy with our decision to use Skyline Products signs and World Fiber Technologies installations. With Skyline’s excellent readability and reliability we know that our messages are getting to our motorists to keep them moving in an efficient and safe manner,” said Wayne Bryan, Signal System Engineer for the City of Tallahassee.

“Skyline’s Walk-In DMS offer flexibility for communicating critical advisories to motorists traveling at high speeds to help keep traffic moving safely and effectively,” said Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products Inc. “We are pleased to be part of Florida DOT’s Interstate Master Plan as our signs will help improve the safety of the I-10 freeway in Tallahassee.”

Skyline has been manufacturing ITS-Grade® DMS since 1971 and ITS-Grade® LED DMS signs since 1994. With over 2,200 ITS-Grade® LED DMS installed across North America, Skyline is an industry leader and considered to produce the most legible and reliable LED DMS in the industry. Products include LED DMS, Rotary Drum CMS, Scrolling Film CMS and EnvoyDMS Central Control Software. Skyline’s LED DMS are available in amber and full color with both Walk-in and Lift-face configurations. The central control software, EnvoyDMS, is an extremely robust, easy-to-use, NTCIP-compliant sign control software solution, compatible with all DMS.