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Energy Efficiency Requirements

Electronic scroll signs are extremely energy efficient because they only draw power at night (for external or internal lighting) and when executing price changes.

LED Light Restrictions

Customers across the country have chosen scroll signs in areas that do not permit the use of LED signs because of their ease of use and practicality compared to alternatives.

Custom Branding

Scroll signs are highly customizable to fit your brand image – creating a true visual differentiation. Choose from a variety of standard color combinations or use branding that perfectly fits your company’s image.

Fully Electronic

Outdated, manual price signs just on’t cut it. Skyline’s scroll signs are fully electronic and price changes can be executed from the store or headquarters using PriceAdvantage.

Legibility and Reliability

Scroll signs provide unmatched legibility during the day or night. With wide viewing angles and high contrast color combinations, you can be confident that customers will instantly and easily recognize your price.

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