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Introducing 120-inch and 100-inch LED Price Signs

Easily Our Biggest News Yet.

Set Yourself Apart

Bigger sized digits can make a BIG impact. Find out how the industry’s largest available price sign can help you attract more customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

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All New Tri-color Display

Use a single display to post custom commodity names.

  • Toggle between red, green, and amber prices.
  • Available in 100″ and 120″ digit sizes.
  • Native integration with Skyline’s Flex-ID™ Panel.
  • Gain efficiency by using one price display for up to 3 commodities.


Bring your Visibility to the Next Level

100-inch Tri-color LED

  • 14% greater viewing distance vs. 86″ digit.
  • 30% greater illuminated area vs. 86″ digit.
  • 2.6x more LEDs vs. 86″ single-color LED digits.
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120-inch Tri-color LED

  • 42% greater viewing distance vs. 86″ digit.
  • 68% greater illuminated area vs. 86″ digit.
  • 3.3x more LEDs vs. 86″ single-color LED digits.
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No Other Manufacturer Offers More Options

Price Sign Digit Sizes

  • 6″ – 120″ (LED)
  • 8″ – 86″ (LED Retrofit/Drop-in)
  • 10″ – 91″ (Scroll)
  • 4.5″ & 9″ (Pump Top)

LED Color Options

  • Standards: Red, Green, Amber
  • Custom Order: Blue and White
  • Tri-color Display: Toggle between red, green, and amber on a single display.

A Truly Superior Solution

From unmatched brightness control to superior energy efficiency, we strive to build the country’s best gas price signs.


Learn more about what we have to offer, and what makes Skyline signs unique.

Electronic Scroll

Fully electronic price signs with a classic appearance, low maintenance / ownership costs, and unmatched legibility. Digit sizes range from 10-inch to 91-inch.

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Electronic LED

Built with industry-exclusive technology, LED signs provide a modern appearance with superior features. Available in full cabinets or as retrofit kits.

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Indoor LED

Indoor signs are common in grocery stores and ensure every customer knows the availability and pricing of fuel. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

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Pump Top

Our LED pump top signs help ensure that correct fuel prices are always displayed at your pumps, and ensure compliance in states where they are required.

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Stand out from your competition and attract more customers by displaying cash and credit prices, rotating on a single LED sign.

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Specialty Signs

Only carry certain fuels at certain pumps? Price them accordingly with specialty and modular signs.

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