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Quick Fuel Increases Card Lock Fuel Sales 186%

Learn how Quick Fuel transformed their card lock locations to capture new anchor accounts, improve retail sales, and increase fuel volumes 186% at one location alone!

Learn About
  1. Strategic fuel pricing using PriceAdvantage.
  2. The value of integrating premium fuel price signs.
  3. Full-loop automation

About Quick Fuel

From its start in 1919, Quick Fuel has grown to become one of the premier petroleum marketers in the U.S. The company is now headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, and operates a fleet of nearly 250 trucks, maintains offices and other facilities in 19 states, with approximately 400 employees.

Quick Fuel fueling solutions include mobile refueling, fully automated fueling stations, wholesale fuel deliveries and risk management programs. The company offers seasonally blended fuels and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Customers have access to QuickNet, an online customer portal that allows them to add and shut off fuel cards, change unit information, check pricing and run fueling reports.

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