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Harness the Power of Sign Diagnostics

You’re just 3 steps away from putting the industry’s most powerful diagnostic software to work.

Upgrade Hardware (if needed)

Contact your Skyline sales representative to ensure you have the proper wireware installed at each store.

Create Your Account

Fill out the form below. Your Sign Diagnostics account will be created for you within the next 48 hours.

Software Install

We’ll send a link to install Control Center at your headquarters and Store software at your retail locations.

Optional Product Support Package

We offer a comprehensive product support package for those who do not wish to set up or maintain Sign Diagnostics on their own.

Yearly, Unlimited Support

For less than $75 per month, you’ll have access to comprehensive support whenever you need it.

A Personal Touch

You’ll have direct access to a Sign Diagnostics technician, who can support your set up or any issues you have down the road.