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June 30, 2014

Skyline Products Wins Statewide Contract with Oregon DOT

Contract to Produce Up to 75 New Signs Over the Life of the Contract

Colorado Springs CO. Date, June 30, 2014 – Skyline Products announced today that they have won the statewide contract with Oregon Department of Transportation. The contract includes 8 variations of NTCIP compliant Rotary Drum Changeable Message Signs (CMS), made up of a mix of AC powered and DC powered signs. The Skyline signs will be used on the highways and interstates around Oregon for chain restriction signing. The contract is for 5 years, renewable up to 10 years.

Skyline Rotary Drum CMS are a cost effective option for traffic signs as they draw a fraction of the power and are virtually maintenance-free compared to the average LED traffic signs. Skyline’s ability to communicate with their signs is just as effective in these signs as any other, including full confirmation feedback verifying the drum position and message displayed.

“We are excited to have Skyline as our supplier for our new drum signs used for chain restriction signage,” said Doug Spencer, P.E., ITS Standards Engineer for ODOT. “Our first priority is the safety of the traveling public, and with Skyline’s quality, reputation, and support, I think their rotary drum signs will provide the appropriate messaging to keep travelers aware of the chain restrictions due to snow and ice conditions.”

“Our rotary drum signs are a great option for customers who are looking for a low-power, eco-friendly sign that is NTCIP as well as MUTCD compliant, providing excellent readability,” said Chip Stadjuhar, President and CEO of Skyline Products Inc.

Skyline has been manufacturing ITS-Grade® DMS since 1971 and ITS-Grade LED DMS since 1994. With over 2,200 ITS-Grade LED DMS installed across North America, Skyline is an industry leader and considered to produce the most legible and reliable LED DMS in the industry. Products include LED DMS, Rotary Drum CMS, Scrolling Film CMS, and EnvoyDMS Central Control Software. Skyline’s LED DMS are available in amber and full color with both Walk-in and Lift-face configurations. The central control software, EnvoyDMS, is an extremely robust, easy-to-use, NTCIP-compliant sign control software solution, compatible with all DMS.