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May 20, 2014

Skyline Products’ LED RetroFit Panels Fit Like a Glove

The Ideal Solution for Upgrading Existing Price Sign Cabinets

Colorado Springs, Colo., May 20, 2014 – Skyline Products, long known for its high-quality electronic fuel price displays, announces it has installed over 8,000 LED RetroFit panels, its most economical solution for upgrading existing sign cabinets. These RetroFit kits provide LED panels of superior quality for mounting into existing fuel price signs to give the reliability and readability that Skyline Products is known for, but as a less expensive LED sign option. Skyline Products has been manufacturing RetroFit panels since 2010.

Skyline Products’ RetroFit kits are available in LED digit sizes 8-inch to 62-inch. The kits come with high quality LED panels and Skyline Products’ industry-exclusive full-digit feedback technology that confirms when prices have been updated. Much like with our full LED price signs, the LED RetroFit panels can be integrated with various POS systems to provide the option for one-click price changes at the POS, pumps, and price sign. The RetroFit kits are also compatible with PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing™ software, providing pricing control from headquarters.

“Skyline Products is proud to give fuel retailers a much easier installation option when buying LED signs to outfit into existing sign cabinets,” says Chip Stadjuhar, President and CEO of Skyline Products Inc. “Customer feedback indicates that our RetroFit kits have the added appeal giving the appearance of a new sign without the need for a new cabinet.”

Since 1991 Skyline has led the way with innovative industry firsts in LED technology. Our exclusive 15-segment font displays a full-bodied numeral and individual LED hoods increase contrast providing superior readability. With font sizes from 8” to 86” numerals, Skyline’s LED displays can be used in a wide variety of applications and configurations including price sign displays, pump top displays, and loyalty/discount displays. The signs can be integrated with many POS systems allowing one click price changes to the POS, pumps and signs. And, with full feedback technology, fuel managers know the right prices are advertised at all times.