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October 22, 2013

Colorado DOT Manages Traffic with Skyline Products DMS

One of the Largest ITS LED Dynamic Message Signs in US

Colorado Springs, Colo., October 22, 2013 – Skyline Products announced today that one of the largest ITS grade, 20mm high definition, full color LED Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) in the United States has been installed in Colorado on east bound I-70 east of the Eisenhower Tunnel. The signs are built on a design that utilizes a KYNAR 500 coated aluminum mask over polycarbonate glazing for a 20mm pixel pitch that fully protects the LEDs from the environment, an industry first introduced by Skyline. The red, green, and blue LEDs in the pixels are vertically aligned to maximize the cone of legibility and virtually eliminate any horizontal color shifting, also an industry first by Skyline.

Colorado’s mountain country provides a multitude of year round recreational activities and tourist attractions. However, the I-70 mountain corridor is the only east/west interstate highway in Colorado and one of the most congested highways in the state. The full color-full matrix sign will allow CDOT to use MUTCD compliant graphics, texts, icons, and symbols for motorist alerts and messages.

The project consists of an overhead walk-in DMS and a supplementary shoulder mount front access DMS. With a display area of 32’x 6’, the 35’ wide and 8’ tall overhead DMS is one of the largest, full-color, high resolution walk-in LED signs in the US. With over 47,600 pixels at 20mm spacing, it will have the capability of displaying full MUTCD graphics that will include 5’x4’ speed limit signs over each lane.

Saeed Sohbi, ITS Director, CDOT, commented, “The Skyline LED DMS will give us enhanced capability to more actively manage traffic on the I-70 Mountain Corridor, with the goal of reducing congestion and improving safety.”

“We are very pleased to provide CDOT with this large walk-in DMS,” says Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products. “With the full color 20mm graphics, Colorado DOT is able to project more comprehensive messages to ensure driver’s safety and superior readability. Skyline is proud to be a part of that.”

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