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PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics

Industry-leading sign diagnostic information available with every Skyline Price Sign – all at the click of a mouse.

Diagnostic Data Delivered Right To Your PC

Skyline has provided customers with industry-leading diagnostic data for decades through its on-sight handheld device. PriceAdvantage, a division of Skyline Products, provides diagnostic data available through software installed at a central location, presented in a way that’s easy to use and understand.

Sign Status View

View a complete list of your Skyline signs, their posted prices, and current health status – all from any central location.

Remote Diagnostics

Pull diagnostic information from any Skyline sign – making sign maintenance faster and more efficient.

A Single, Easy-To-Use Interface

PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics has gone through years user interface testing, making it simple to learn and quick to execute.

Robust, Remote Diagnostics. Now Included.

The industry’s most robust diagnostic software was built specifically to compliment Skyline signs, and is free for Skyline sign owners.

Control Center

Control center is installed on your headquarters or central location PC, and gives you access to powerful diagnostic data from every Skyline sign you own.

Store Software

Store managers can push new prices to signs with PriceAdvantage Store software, installed on the back office PC at each of your retail locations.


Already Own Skyline Signs?

Sign Diagnostics is free for you too. With a simple, low-cost hardware upgrade, you can gain remote access to powerful diagnostic data, reported and organized in a way that’s easy to understand.

Low-Cost Hardware Upgrade

PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics requires specific hardware to run properly. Retrofitting your existing signs with required hardware is simple and cost efficient.

Comprehensive Product Support

We offer a fully comprehensive support package for those who don’t feel comfortable deploying or maintaining Sign Diagnostics on their own. 

Find Out if Price Advantage Sign Diagnostics Is Right For You

Our technical sales team is ready to help you deploy Sign Diagnostics in a matter of weeks.