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Klover ITS Management Software

Skyline Products offers the industry’s most affordable, scalable, easy-to-use transportation management software that easily integrates with multiple ITS devices, including Skyline Dynamic Message Signs (DMS).

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The Future of Intelligent Transportation

Klover is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to effortlessly manage changing traffic conditions by integrating with multiple ITS devices.

DMS Management

  • Manage and monitor signs using any device with an easy-to-use DMS WYSIWYG editor and web application.  
  • Clear incidents quicker by combining signs and ITS devices with orchestrated workflow responses.
  • Configure notifications (including SMS, emails, and work-order systems) to keep crews instantly aware of maintenance issues. 

Smart Parking

  • Notify drivers where to park whenever a parking lot changes status by using DMS, social media, and mobile applications. 
  • See the current status of every lot in one place on the Klover dashboard.
  • Combine parking lot status with travel times to influence drivers with the best mode of travel. 

Travel Time

  • Easily combine data from multiple sources, including radar, Doppler, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi traffic sensors, and third-party APIs to influence driver behavior. 
  • Analyze traffic patterns and apply machine learning using travel time data stored in Google Cloud. 
  • Orchestrate messaging across DMS, social media, or mobile applications. 

Smart Work Zones

  • Integrate multiple devices and services, delivering a complete picture of site conditions from any device. 
  • Integrate automatic vehicle location devices to track equipment from one simple unified interface. 
  • Configure notifications (including SMS, emails, and work-order systems) to keep crews instantly aware of maintenance issues. 

Learn How Skyline DMS and Klover Smart Parking App Helped Ease Traffic Congestion for the City of Breckenridge

A vibrant mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado, is home to some of the best year-round adventures. From winter skiing and snowboarding to summer hiking and shopping, Breckenridge boasts energy that attracts millions of visitors each year. 

The year-after-year tourist increase of this famous town created severe traffic congestion, in return, negatively impacting the Breckenridge Ski Resort, local restaurants and shops, and the overall visitor experience. Realizing they had an issue that needed to be solved, City Engineers began evaluating traffic flows. They determined that the primary source of winter congestion was created by visitors who, upon entering Breckenridge, were unable to find immediate parking. Unfamiliar with the town or not knowing which lots were full, visitors would circle the town’s two main roads in search of available parking spots.

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