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September 9, 2020

Skyline Products Adds Klover Smart Transportation Platform to ITS Product Line

Skyline Now Offers the Industry’s Most Affordable, Scalable, Easy-to-Use Transportation Management Software that Integrates with Multiple ITS Devices – Including Skyline Dynamic Message Signs

Skyline Products produces the industry’s most advanced and reliable ITS-Grade® dynamic message sign (DMS) systems that are Designed to be Bold, Engineered to Last. Through our exclusive partnership with Klover, Skyline now offers the industry’s most affordable, scalable, and easy-to-use transportation management software.

The Klover Smart Transportation PlatformSM is a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to effortlessly manage changing traffic conditions by integrating with multiple ITS Devices – such as dynamic message signs, Bluetooth detectors, radar systems, and cameras. Extremely affordable, surprisingly easy-to-use, and exceptionally flexible – Klover is changing the transportation communications industry.

“Traditional, legacy systems can be too expensive or cumbersome for smaller agencies and municipalities,” shared Skyline Products CEO Chip Stadjuhar. “Klover is remarkably affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable – making it suitable for most agencies. The native integration with Skyline DMS is powerful, and it’s an open ecosystem – you can manage most any ITS device.”

Klover CEO Pawan Kharbanda added, “Klover software integrates dynamic message signs and other ITS devices on one, streamlined platform. This single-platform integration provides cost savings and efficiency gains to end-users, and allows them to harness the full potential of their ITS and Smart City devices.”

Klover users have access anywhere, any time – even from a mobile device – to manage:

  • Dynamic Message Signs – Manage and monitor signs using any device with an easy-to-use DMS WYSIWYG editor and web application.
  • Smart Work Zone – Foremen, project managers, and DOT’s can quickly view the status of equipment and site conditions.
  • Move Over Awareness – Alert upstream traffic through updates to signage and enabling coordination across agencies to keep drivers aware.
  • Smart Parking – Notify drivers where to park whenever a parking lot changes status by using dynamic message signs, social media, and mobile applications.
  • Travel Times – Easily combine data from multiple sources, including radar, Doppler, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi traffic sensors, and third-party APIs to influence driver behavior

The City of Breckenridge utilizes a Klover-enabled Skyline system – combining Klover’s mobile app with Skyline dynamic message signs to manage traffic approaching the city’s parking lots.

“Breckenridge needed an accurate, efficient way to inform incoming travelers about parking lot status within the resort area,” said Tim Hershberger, national sales manager for Skyline Products. “Parking lot attendants use the Klover mobile app to update parking lot capacities on Skyline DMS signs around the city. With just one click, they can update signs showing that specific lots are full and direct incoming travelers to alternate parking locations. The system significantly reduces traffic congestion and lot-circling in parking areas near the resort.”

Agencies can take a free, limited test drive of Klover – allowing them to see first-hand just how easy Klover integrates with their existing ITS devices and third-party applications. Schedule a 30-minute demo at

About Skyline Products
Skyline Products helps transportation professionals solve their most complex traffic flow, parking, and safety problems through custom, engineered-to-order, intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Since 1970, Skyline has invested heavily in research and development to create the industry’s most advanced and reliable ITS-Grade® dynamic message sign systems and software solutions that are Designed to be Bold, Engineered to Last. Much of the ITS industry has adopted and currently specifies innovations that were originally developed by Skyline. Our team of industry experts is ready to design a solution customized to the needs of the project, and our collaborative approach ensures customers purchase the right solution – not just a standard solution. Learn more at

About Klover
Located in Greenwood Village, CO, Klover provides a subscription-based intelligent transportation system for businesses and transportation departments that doesn’t require a large investment in software or infrastructure. The Klover Smart Transportation Platform includes point solutions for cloud-based device management, smart work zones, smart parking, trip travel times, incident management, and move-over awareness. Learn more at