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Skyline Products DMS Demonstrations

In-person product demonstrations – custom tailored to your needs and interests.

An easy way to get a hands-on feel for what Skyline has to offer.

Product demonstrations are perfect for DOTs, state and local agencies, contractors, and design engineers who wish to see our product up close. We’ll put together a custom presentation based on what you’re most interested in, ensuring no time is wasted and your organization receives maximum value.

Here’s what you’ll get to see:

LED Signs
  • 35mm Full-color Walk-in – Commonly used for freeway, expressway, toll way, and HOV/HOT applications.

  • 20mm Full-color Slimline (64×64 and 48×48) – Perfect for event management, incident management, lane management and travel time applications.

  • 32mm Amber Static Mount – Easily integrates into static signs to display text, toll rates, and travel time messages.

Scroll and Rotary Drum Signs
  • Rotary Drum Variable Speed Limit – Extremely robust and power efficient – used when applications call for a finite set of messages.
  • Scrolling Film Variable Speed Limit – Supports up to 7 custom speed limits for applications commonly under severe/frequent weather and traffic volume changes.

Cabinet and Control
  • 332 Cabinet with Multi-sign Controller – The unique control system powering Skyline dynamic message signs.
  • Envoy DMS Control Software – Operates signs produced by any DMS manufacturer, and harnesses the extensive feedback features of Skyline DMS.


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