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with Accurate, Legible Electronic Price Signs

Are You Loosing Fuel Sales to the Competition?

Research shows that most customers choose a fuel station based on the price posted on the sign. If customers can’t read your sign, or it isn’t accurate, you’re missing out on fuel sales.

Skyline’s industry-exclusive scroll signs provide an energy-efficient, internally illuminated price solution, and allow price changes from the store or remotely from headquarters.

  • Perfectly suited for markets that do not permit LED price signs.
  • Patented feedback system with price change confirmation ensures that the right price is alwaysposted.
  • Includes PriceAdvantage Sign Diagnostics software to perform remote health checks and sign resets.
  • Full-bodied font and high contrast color combinations for best daytime legibility, with internally illuminated digits for superior nighttime readability
  • Large digit sizes available up to 91″.

*Remote price changes from headquarters requires additional software purchase.

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