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American Made Quality.
Skyline Longevity.

Gas Price Changers are critical to your business. Are your signs up to the challenge?

Skyline’s Scroll Price Changers offer reliability and longevity renowned by many customers in the industry. In fact, many of our customers have operated well-maintained signs for more than 20 years!

Whether city ordinances prevent you from using LED signs, or you require a long-lasting, energy efficiant solution – only Skyline offers the industry’s true electronic scroll price changer.

  • 24/7 Technical Support based in our Colorado Springs Headquarters
  • American-made quality with a 20-year life expectancy.
  • Unmatched viewing angles and legibility in any lighting or weather condition.
  • Change prices from inside the store or at the sign itself.
  • Available in a near-endless variety of digit and background colors, allowing you to perfectly fit your company’s brand.
  • Competitive financing programs available!

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Fully Electronic and Easy to Operate

Many retailers feel that they must to resort to manual signs for markets that do not allow LED signs, but Skyline’s scroll signs provide a fully electronic alternative.

You’ll have the ability to change prices from the sign or inside the store using Skyline’s electronic handheld device, and feel confident that prices are being correctly displayed using our industry-exclusive feedback and diagnostic information.

A Classic, Branded Appearance

In general, manual signs do not present a professional appearance to your customers.

Skyline’s scroll signs are highly customizable and allow you to chose a standard color or special order custom colors to match your unique brand image. Many private branded retailers chose scroll signs to help distinguish their brand withing their markets – creating true visual differentiation.

Affordable and Energy Efficient

One of our largest customers utilizing scroll signs determined that over a 10 year period, the total cost of ownership for scroll signs is about 30% lower than LED signs

While manual signs also use very little power (such as for sign back-lighting) scroll signs have a very low power draw since the sign only needs power for any installed communication devices or when the price is being changed.