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Active Traffic Management

ATM Systems

Active Traffic Management (ATM) is the ability to control traffic flow through a managed sign system including lane use, speed limit, queue warning, and adaptive ramp metering to manage accidents, lane closures, detours, and more.

Lane Management Systems
  • Communicate lane specific messages to motorists
  • Easily and safely reverse lane direction as needed for optimum traffic flow
Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • NTCIP, NEMA TS4, AASHTO, and MUTCD compliant
  • Message verification feedback
  • Lift-face access
  • Signs can be configured for coordinated movements or individual movements depending on direction
  • NEMA 3R Cabinet Rating
  • Operating temperature range -40 degrees C to +74 degrees C
  • Local or remote control and programming via hardware, telephone, fiber optic, wireless, or cellular modem
  • LED and Scroll options available

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